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Common Types of Roof Repairs in Gainesville FL.

Eventually, even the best roof system will need a repair of some sort. Anything from general wear and tear to a harsh storm can cause you to need roof repair in Gainesville, FL.

The most common, most talked about roof repair is leaking. Unfortunately, this problem only appears once the damage has been done. However, there are many reasons why a roof leaks, which is why you should have a roof inspection at least once a year. During an inspection, Kayco Roofing will look for the damages that can cause leaking and repair them before a leak happens.

Shingle Damage

While shingles can be damaged in a variety of ways, they are inexpensive to repair or replace. A few characteristics of damaged shingles include:

  • Loose shingles, those not firmly fixed to the roof, can lead to leaking. A strong gust of wind could lift them or blow them off the roof altogether, leaving the roof exposed.
  • Blistering happens when too much moisture gets trapped in the asphalt or the roof is not properly ventilated. These are called hot spots.
  • Shrinking occurs when the roof’s membrane shrinks, and the shingles and flashing pull apart, leading to cracks, blisters and splits.
  • Curling is when the edges of your shingles start to roll up. This can be caused by an improperly ventilated attic, when new shingles are installed on top of old ones or if the shingle has simply reached the end of its lifespan.
  • Cracking is also known as thermal splitting. Asphalt can split due to defects, improper installation conditions and/or extreme weather conditions.

Flashing Problems

The aluminum wrap along the roof’s protrusions is called flashing. It helps to divert the flow of water to prevent leaking, rotting and pooling, but over time, flashing can loosen. Just like shingles, maintaining your flashing is vital to the overall condition of your roof. Damaged flashing can lead to substantial damage to your roof, attic and gutters.

Poor Installation

When a roof isn’t properly installed, all of the above-mentioned repairs could have to be done earlier than you would otherwise think. Common installation problems can occur when nails are over/under driven, too much caulking or tar is used or by using incorrect materials or the wrong placement of materials.

Installation failures are often covered under warranty, but it’s better if they don’t happen in the first place. Kayco Roofing will do the job right the first time, so you won’t have to worry about doing roof repair in Gainesville, FL. for many years.

Punctures and Collapses

In bad weather, all sorts of things can assault a roof. From large hail to full tree branches, your roof must be able to withstand a decent amount of weight. A weakened roof may crumble under a heavy load or get punctured by sharp objects. These are structural concerns that need immediate attention.

If your roof has any of these issues or you’ve noticed other problems, reach out to our roofing professionals at Kayco Roofing right away. We will do a thorough inspection and repair, upgrade or replace your shingles, as needed.