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Orange Park FL Shingle Roof

Your Orange Park FL shingle roof may be reaching the end of its working life. This is especially true if your installation is made of asphalt shingle. If yours is more than ten years old, call us now for an inspection and a free estimate. We will show you all the latest options that are available today to provide long lasting beauty and protection to your home.

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If your Orange Park FL shingle roof is showing obvious signs that it is worn out, do not wait until the rainy season is upon us to call for an estimate to have it replaced. Some signs of trouble are falling pieces, piles of grit in the gutter or near the end of downspouts, pieces of asphalt found in the yard after a storm, or lifting and curling tabs. Any of these symptoms require immediate action, but not all houses have such obvious signs. Grit may be missing from the surface in many small areas that will permit heating of the asphalt and weaken the tabs. This cannot be seen from the ground. The material may become very brittle or very soft, and will lift or break off during a storm. Roofs that were improperly installed even recently may already be allowing water intrusion into the attic or eaves that has gone unnoticed so far.

These potentially damaging situations can only be detected though a close inspection. Trust our professional, locally based service to give you straight answers and honest estimates.

For your home in Orange Park FL, shingle roof options are available in a variety of materials, colors and styles that were not even considerations when your home was built. The new materials offer longer warranties, better energy efficiency, durability against severe weather and striking architectural style. Some of the quality products available to you today include:

  • Architectural asphalt - These dimensional products use color variations within and defined shadow lines to create a dramatic effect and varied texture. They are also warranted for 25 years or more.
  • Metal - Rugged metal can take on the appearance of tile, concrete, wood, slate or asphalt and can be virtually any color. Many of the Spanish styles you see in Florida are actually metal that look like tile. These can be made of painted or galvanized steel or aluminum or even natural raw copper. They are very cool and energy efficient and will resist hurricane force winds when installed properly. A copper surface, when green from aging, is unmatched in beauty by any other material.
  • Tile - Concrete and ceramic are among the strongest and most attractive. They can withstand high winds and driving rain. Very heavy per square foot, they generally require reinforcement of the decking. Most well known as orange or green half pipes, they are also available in every style.
  • Slate - This is a product with a natural beauty all its own. Taken right from the quarry and cut to shape, the slates have character that compliments Tudor and Chalet style homes among others. They are also extremely long lasting.

When considering an Orange Park FL shingle roof, be sure to hire a contractor like us who is well established in the community and surrounding area - one who is familiar with the extremes in weather and the type of construction and materials that were used on the original installation. When you hire us, you gain peace of mind: we will perform a detailed inspection of your roof, flashing, attic space, attic ventilation, gutters and downspouts. We will also provide a free estimate for any needed repairs, or a new roof if required.

Your Orange Park FL shingle roof may not be able to wait until summer storms arrive. Please call us today for a free estimate.

For an Orange Park FL shingle roof call now at 904-375-0798
We are pleased to provide a free cost estimate

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