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Re-Roofing in Orange Park

If you are considering re-roofing in Orange Park, call us today. We are the area's leading roof replacement company and will be glad to provide a free estimate and discuss all the different options that are available to protect your home for many years to come while adding style and beauty.

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It is our pleasure to explore your options and provide a free estimate

Winter is the time to consider re-roofing in Orange Park. The severe heat of the past few years along with the strong storms that have occurred has really caused widespread, but often concealed, damage to the areas shingle installations. The loss of shingle grit causes the asphalt to become exposed to the hot sun and UV rays, softening the material and allowing for the tabs to be lifted by the wind. This curling weakens them further and the first strong gust of wind that comes along will cause them to break off, exposing the underlayment. Eventually water will find its way into the decking, especially when heavy, wind-driven, rain from summer storms arrives as it always does in coastal Florida. Aside from the frequent summer thunder storms, tropical storms and even hurricanes are always a distinct possibility. Gambling on a weakened system could mean losing a roof completely, if one of these coastal monsters should materialize.

To determine if re-roofing your Orange Park home is necessary or if it may just need a little work, an inspection by a qualified contractor like us is required. This should be done annually regardless of the apparent condition of your shingles. We will locate any leaks, weak spots and hail damage that are not apparent to you. Our complete topside check up includes:

  • Inspection of the entire surface including shingles, flashings, chimney, and intrusions like vent pipes and exhaust ducts.
  • Checking gutters for proper capacity and clearing them of any debris.
  • Performing an attic inspection for leaks and for proper ventilation.
  • Resealing loose flashing.
  • Removing any standing debris and cleaning any moss growth, algae and lichens from shingles.

If re-roofing your Orange Park home is necessary as determined by our inspection, we will sit down with you and discuss all the different types of materials that are available today. You may consider an alternative to the standard tab shingles like:

  • Architectural shingles. These are dimensional asphalt shingles that are warranted for 20 to 40 years and add a multi tone appearance with distinct shadow lines.
  • Metal shingles. Aluminum, Steel or Copper. These are extremely durable and can withstand hurricane force winds. They are available in every style and color including those that mimic tile, asphalt, shake, and slate.
  • Concrete and ceramic tile. Most well known for the Spanish styles of Florida, they are also extremely durable and available in many different styles and colors.

There are several signs that you need re-roofing in Orange Park or anywhere. You may see accumulations of grit at the bottom of downspouts or in gutters. Small pieces of shingle may be present in the debris when cleaning gutters. Shingles are curling or buckling. Pieces of shingles are found on the ground following high winds. These are obvious signs of degradation and if discovered you must take action immediately and call us. There are, however, many other signs that only an experienced roofer can spot. Hail damage for example in not visible from the ground and barely visible from above. Leaks that get into the attic can go unnoticed for a very long time until the moisture has caused damage. Do not wait until water begins to enter your home. Call us today for a preventative maintenance inspection.

For re-roofing in Orange Park call now at 904-375-0798
It is our pleasure to explore your options and provide a free estimate

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