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Roof Repair in Jacksonville, Florida

Roof repair in Jacksonville, Florida fixes damage from rain, wind, hail, and the relentless deterioration from the Florida sun. You may have spotted lost shingles, loose panels or flapping trim before your roof leaks. A falling branch or blowing debris may have resulted in an emergency repair issue. Or you have had the all-too-common experience of looking up at a ceiling and seeing a stain.

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A leak is seldom directly above the place you’ve spotted moisture. Roofs slope and water runs. The problem may be eight to ten feet from the visible damage.

  1. Wind and hail can scour off asphalt granules. This weakens water resistance and almost always requires roof repair in Jacksonville, FL. Materials can crack, nails and glue can loosen, and aging roof shingles can simply have come to the end of their useful life.
  2. Valleys are where two roof planes intersect. Water travels along a valley and can get inside your house.
  3. Your roof will also have flashing where it meets a vertical wall, around plumbing vents, furnace vents, and skylights.
  4. The tar paper, or felt, laid under the shingles is the second line of defense against wind drive rain. If it was substandard or put in poorly, it gives way to wind and rain. Roof repair in Jacksonville, FL often involves replacing the sub-surface.
  5. The problem could originate in siding or gutters, and may not be a roof issue at all, but rather air conditioning or plumbing. Our professionals will give you an honest determination.

The three Ws of wind damage: What Went Wrong?

It’s a fact that severe weather may compromise almost any shingle or tile. But frequently something is wrong that roof repair in Jacksonville, FL will fix.

  • If the shingles were not properly installed even a moderate storm will loosen them. Subdivision developers putting up rows of houses may not have followed manufacturer specifications for the placement and amount of nails for high wind areas such as ours.
  • Another factor in wind damage is the “glue”. Adhesive strips bond a shingle to the one nailed atop it. If the shingles were not properly handled and the glue strip was dirty, the glue doesn’t hold.
  • Finally, the original builder of your home or building may have installed the wrong kind of material for the slope of your roof.

Damage from blowing debris and falling trees

Of course, this can’t be anticipated and a roof in top condition may not stand up to this kind of wind damage. We provide emergency roof repair in Jacksonville, FL. We will be your advocate with your insurance company. This is our commitment, whether your emergency is from blowing debris, wind or fire.

Hail accompanies our thunderstorms

Hailstones can be quite large; “golf-ball sized” is not a cliché. Hail slams asphalt shingles so hard that the granules are knocked loose, deteriorating the water resistance of your roof. Roof repair in Jacksonville, FL often involved dented roofing tile and metal panels.

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Deterioration from the sun

Ultraviolet sun rays cause shingle deterioration. The sun “cooks” the various materials causing a chemical transformation that impacts water resistance. Even older slate faces more rapid deterioration on roof slopes with the most severe exposure to the sun. An asphalt shingle roof installed 15 years ago up north may have five more years of useful life. But here, the sun has already made it a candidate for roof repair in Jacksonville, FL.