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Roof Repair in Orange Park

If you need roof repair in Orange Park we are the company to call. We will provide a complete evaluation of your roofing system and provide a free estimate to fix the problem. We are a local contractor and know the roof that was originally installed on your home and are aware of all the issues, how they occur and how to repair them.

For roof repair in Orange Park call now at 904-375-0798
We will provide a free estimate for your home or business

Roof repair in Orange Park is becoming necessary because of the extremes in weather from excessive heat in recent years, powerful winds, driving rain and even hail. Many of the asphalt shingle installations have reached, or are nearing, the end of their life expectancy and are beginning to leak or show signs of leaking. A complete system inspection and evaluation, before the rainy season arrives, will enable us to locate any problems and remediate them. Although some leaks are obvious in their existence, their locations can be difficult to find as water may travel a long distance before entering a room below. Other leaks can be present for months or even years before the homeowner is aware of them. These intrusions can put water into the eaves where it remains and causes decay and hazardous mold. It may also drip down from the decking into the insulation where it never penetrates to the next level and remains concealed causing mold growth and soaking into sheetrock until it finally causes extensive damage. A regular inspection would have prevented both these situations.

Do you need roof repair in Orange Park ?  Let us find out by performing a complete inspection.
During this procedure our professional analyst will do the following:

  • Inspect the shingle surface one square foot at a time for any damages weakened or missing shingles.
  • Inspect and reseal flashings around all intrusions, walls and chimneys.
  • Check all gutters for adequate capacity, leaks, and clear them of all debris.
  • Inspect the attic for signs of water intrusion like stained wood, rusted nails, musty odor and stained insulation.
  • Check the attic ventilation system for adequacy.

Minor repairs can often be done on the spot for a minimal cost. Any more extensive repairs that are need will be handled by providing you with a detailed written estimate for materials and labor. This is the absolute cost of the job and will not be a penny more. We guarantee no surprises.

To us, roof repair in Orange Park means keeping you informed of our progress every step of the way - and we promise we will. Most residential jobs take less than a day with two days generally being the maximum. Should our inspection determine that it is better to replace the entire system because it is past its useful life, or if there are too many damaged areas to make it worth fixing, we will go over every option available regarding our state of the art product selection.

This includes exploring replacement with metal shingles, architectural asphalt shingles, ceramic and concrete tile shingles, slate and standing seam metal. Most leaking roofs however, can be successfully repaired. Our work is also fully guaranteed.

If you need roof repair in Orange Park, you should know we have been successfully serving area residents for over 15 years. Our portfolio of satisfied customers is vast and available at your request. We will be here in the future to stand behind all of our work. Your 100 percent satisfaction is our primary goal.

For roof repair in Orange Park call now at 904-375-0798
We will provide a free estimate for your home or business

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