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Roof Repair in St. Augustine, FL

Roof repair in St. Augustine, FL. is a simple matter when you leave it to a specialist who knows the area and has proven expertise in working on your type of roofing. Count on KayCo for dependable service, transparent pricing and an honest assessment of your surface’s condition. We stop leaks and prevent new ones.

Whether you have asphalt shingles, metal, tile or slate, Florida’s weather extremes can necessitate residential roof repair in St. Augustine, FL. Summer storms and tropical winds can force rain underneath eaves. Gusts can pick up large branches and hurl them at surfaces with great force. Do you need to get yours examined? In many cases, we can do repairs instead of more extensive replacement jobs.

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How Extensive is the Damage?

After a storm, call us to check the condition of the surface. We will get up on the rooftop and check every square foot. We will look for things like loose or missing shingles. The protective gravel that coats asphalt installations can be sheared off on impact. A sure sign is if you see a pile of grit at the end of downspouts or in the gutters. We will investigate. Let us check for security of the metal flashing around the edges to make sure water does not get inside. We will also see if tiles or slates are cracked, or metal panels are bent back. Then we will perform the expert roof repair in St. Augustine, FL. that best suits your situation.

Is Your Rooftop Aging?

If it’s been a few years since your last inspection, you may need home roof repair in St. Augustine, FL. Years of ultraviolet light from our strong sunlight can cause materials to deteriorate. If that happens, rainwater can get in more easily during a storm. If you have a metal surface, the most common problem is loosening of the screws that hold the panels together. They can allow wind to lift the panels up and expose the underlayment to rain.

Stopping Leaks

Any kind of leak must be stopped immediately or it will cause extensive damage. Once water gets a toe-hold under your shingles, it will follow the same path again and again. Moisture under the surface can lead to rotting of decking or other building materials, and that is a very expensive problem. It might cause mildew to grow on the surface, which holds wetness against the shingles. It can also lead to the formation of fungus on building materials within your home. Mold can release toxins into your air conditioning system, making you and your family susceptible to illness. Don’t risk the security of your biggest investment – your house. Call us 24/7 for home roof repair in St. Augustine, FL.

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What We Can Do

There are many ways to fix a rooftop. Shingles or tiles can be replaced if the damage is isolated. We can reseal flashings around the edges, chimney and other intrusions to make them moisture-tight. We will also look in the attic for signs of dampness. Telltale indications are rusted nails, stained insulation or dark spots on the wood. We can do repairs and stop future damage from occurring. If your gutters are filled to capacity, we can clean them and make sure they are securely fastened to the eaves.


Keeping air moving is important to keeping dampness in check. We can examine your attic’s ventilation system and upgrade it if needed as part of our roof repair in St. Augustine, FL. The relationship of proper ventilation to a healthy roof can’t be overstated in our area’s humid conditions.

Big or Small Repairs

Minor fixes can often be done on the spot for a minimal cost. More extensive repairs will come with a detailed estimate in writing, and that estimate will not change – no hidden surprises! Our rates are very competitive while maintaining the highest quality.

As an established area business and longtime member of the BBB, we have been providing reliable roof repair in St. Augustine, FL. and the rest of the First Coast for many years. We will tell you with certainty and honesty whether you just need a quick fix or whether a re-roofing project would be better for your home in the long run. Our estimates are always free and without obligation.

Call now if you think your rooftop has a problem or if you’ve been through a bad storm.