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Roof Replacement in St. Augustine, FL

Are roof leaks and ugly shingles driving you crazy? You might need roof replacement in St. Augustine, FL. It can be hard to know where to turn when your rooftop is damaged or aging, but you can feel confident when you call us because we understand Atlantic coast weather and what it does to both new and old installations.

We are one of the area’s most trusted and experienced roofing contractors and we can solve your dilemmas fast. You can always count on us for straight answers. If you just need repairs, we will tell you. If you do need commercial or residential roof replacement in St. Augustine, FL, we’ll show you why and give you a very reasonable estimate.

We are licensed, insured and accredited by the BBB. You will get a first rate customer service experience and very knowledgeable help.

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When You Need to Consider Roof Replacement

After a storm – Even a Category 1 hurricane or other tropical weather can cause leaks and damage. It can pull back shingles or metal panels. Airborne debris can crack tiles or dent steel. Call us even if you don’t see the effects of bad weather. We will check and tell you for sure.

Aging rooftops – Even if you have a manufacturer’s warranty, certain conditions can cause your surface to age faster and you might need roof replacement in St. Augustine, FL. We will always show you why and back it up with photographs and a written estimate.

Remodeling – Maybe you want to repaint your house but the color would clash with the shingles you have now. Or perhaps you want to upgrade the materials so they last longer. There are so many types to choose from these days, and we can help you make a selection.

Roof Replacement in St. Augustine, FL. Done Right
We are passionate about doing a great job for you because a new rooftop is a big investment. Our owner supervises every job himself, and ensures that every part of the system is installed with the highest level of technical skill and care.

We ensure that the decking – the wooden panels on which the surface rests – is in good shape when we do a roof replacement in St. Augustine, FL. If it is rotted from long-term leaks, we will replace it. The underlayment, or tar paper under the top-most surface, will be examined and replaced if needed. If yours is weakened or ridden with holes, it will not keep water out of your home’s structure.

We can also add new metal flashing around all edges, in valleys and around protrusions such as skylights and vent pipes. Finally, our well-trained technicians will make sure your gutters are in good shape and we can replace them, too, if they are beyond repair.

Long-Lasting Results
In addition to using top quality materials and techniques, we will also make sure your rooftop is well ventilated at the soffits and the ridge. Good air circulation prevents the rooftop from heating unevenly and wearing out faster. It also goes a long way toward preventing moisture build-up from below. Condensation degrades organic building materials over time and can rust the nails that hold your shingles in place.

Replacement Materials
We are a certified installer for Owens Corning, a top shingle roof manufacturer. But we also have a great deal of experience with all major shingle manufacturers. Let us recommend a style, color and grade that is right for your needs and budget. Some shingles can keep your home cooler, while others resist formation of algae.

We are also highly skilled at working with all types of tile – concrete as well as clay. Call now about slate, metal, and stone-coated metal roof replacement in St. Augustine, FL. and throughout the First Coast.

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Many people ask us about switching from one type of surface to another. It is usually easy to change from one lightweight material to another, such as shingle to metal. But it’s important to know that unless your home structure is capable of special reinforcement, it is not recommended to go from shingle to tile or slate. There are plenty of excellent substitutes, however. We would be glad to share our knowledge and give you great prices.

As a dependable contractor, we can stop leaks and give your property a new look with home roof replacement in St. Augustine, FL. Call now and get a free estimate.