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Roofing Company in St. Augustine, FL

A roofing contractor in St. Augustine, FL. needs to understand Florida’s coastal climate as well as your individual goals. With more than a dozen years in business and many recommendations, we can offer you a roof that provides decades of protection, and we will be there for you when you need us – 24/7.

Whatever you need – repairs, re-roofing, restoration or replacement – you have come to the right place! You will get personal attention, free estimates for any service, and an iron-clad labor guarantee. Whether shingle, cold-processed flat surfaces, tile, slate or metal, we can take care of it. Call now for residential or commercial roofing.

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Local and Accountable

Our owner, Clark Briggs, has been a roofing contractor in St. Augustine, FL and the rest of the region for many years. He oversees every job we do and accepts nothing short of excellence. He personally writes every estimate and ensures you the best value for your investment dollar. We are longtime members of the Better Business Bureau and have many references to share with you.

Call with Confidence for Repairs

You might need a few replacement shingles, a flashing fix, tightening of fasteners or reattachment of gutters. We will walk the surface and inspect the attic and then give you our honest assessment. Some repairs can be made on the spot; if you need something more extensive, we will give you a detailed summary and written estimate.

Emergency Service

No matter what Mother Nature serves up – a heavy soak or a tropical storm – you can count on us to respond to your emergency any time of the day or night. As the premier residential roofing contractor in St. Augustine, FL, we will do fast, guaranteed repairs. If the damage is more extensive, we will offer you a free estimate on replacement options when the weather clears.

Expert Roof Replacement

We are a roofing contractor in St. Augustine, FL who will never inflate problems or sell you any more than what you need. If we believe you need a new surface, we will show you the evidence and give you an estimate, in writing, which will not change. Most re-roofs can be done in a day or two. We’ll help you select colors and styles if you are not sure what you want.

Asphalt shingles – The most popular replacement material is a cost-effective choice. It’s available in a huge array of styles and colors: mimicking slate and tile or providing greater energy efficiency. We’re a certified Owens Corning installer.

Metal – Steel, copper or aluminum, they offer outstanding energy efficiency, leak-proof construction and lifetime performance. Even reproduction Key West styles are noiseless in the rain, thanks to modern technology.

Tile– The oldest city in America has a beautiful array of ceramic tile roofs. It takes a skilled roofing contractor in St. Augustine, FL to repair and replace them without extensive breakage, and we have many years of success.

Slate – While not common in this region, this heavy yet brittle material is meant to last a lifetime. Talk to us about repairing and restoring yours to perfection.

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Flat Roof Contractor in St. Augustine, FL.

If you have a flat roof on your business or on your home over a garage or porch, talk to us about applying built-up layers of base sheets and coatings that will keep water from seeping in for years. We will make sure your job is done right the first time.

Skilled and Dependable Service

To maintain our reputation as a top roofing contractor in St. Augustine, FL, we don’t just put on a new surface or make repairs and walk away. We will make sure other important components, like rain gutters and ventilation, are in good condition. Your roof will not last as long without these essential features. We can also coat your asphalt or metal roof with Hydro-Stop, the nation’s premier coating for energy efficiency and moisture protection.

What is important to you in a roofing contractor in St. Augustine, FL ?

Reliability and technical training should be on the list. Our staff is factory-trained and held to the highest standards. Our roofing company is always reachable. We guarantee our labor, as well as doing work that conforms to manufacturer warranties. We are there for you now and in the future. Call now!