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Roof Repair Florida

Roof Repair Jacksonville, FLRoof repair is something you want handled by an experienced professional, and we have more than 12 years experience with fixing roofs in the Northeast Florida area.

If you want to ensure that your roof stays in the best condition possible so you can avoid major roof repair, you should have a yearly inspection done. Such inspections can show whether you have cracked, missing or warped shingles, deteriorated flashings, loose seams or any other types of problems. At that point, we can help you decide what type of roof repair is necessary.

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Although the inspection is recommended, sometimes there are ways to tell whether you need to have some roof repair work done without it. Problems inside your home can be indicative of a problem with your roof, such as a leak, discolored plasterboard, peeling wallpaper or cracked paint. The sooner you have the roof checked for any of these problems and fixed, the better. The longer a leak goes on, the more damage can be caused to your roof and structure of your home.

Then there are other things to consider. Do you have water that gets into your attic when there are heavy, driving rains outside? Maybe there are cracks in your roof, which may mean that it is time to replace the shingles. Perhaps there is just plain old decay, like in the roof sheathing, siding and shingles. We can help you determine whether these issues are indeed coming from problems stemming from your roof.

Did you know that if your roof is faulty, it can actually be costing you money, other than for the roof repair? You may be needlessly spending money on your energy bills – your air condition and heating unit may be working harder than necessary because you have bad ventilation. Roof repair can help you take care of that.

And with our region’s climate conditions, the weather can sometimes take a heavy toll on your roof – especially during hurricane season, when strong winds can knock shingles loose or cause other types of damage. Even debris that has been sitting on your roof can cause problems. And with the hot sun beating down on your roof, that, too, can cause weathering that may require roof repair.

When we inspect your roof for a problem, we can usually find it pretty quickly. It is important to understand how the different materials work and interact with other components on the roof, such as plumbing vent pipes, skylights and ventilation fans before embarking on a roof repair project. We have the skill and experience to be able to fix any roof problem you may have – without causing other issues!

No matter what your roof is made of, we can take care of any of your roof repair needs. We are a state-certified roofing contractor and listed as an accredited business with the Better Business Bureau. If you think you have an issue that requires roof repair, we can come out and give you a free estimate. Schedule your appointment by calling 904-375-0798 or by filling out online information request form.

We provide roof repair in Jacksonville, Orange Park, St Augustine, Starke, Gainesville, Middleburg, Green Cove Springs, Jacksonville Beach, Neptune Beach and Ponte Vedra Beach, FL.