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Roofing Service First Coast Florida

The following quality services are provided by our experienced installers:

  • Insurance Estimates
  • Tear-offs
  • Ventilation
  • Skylights
  • Roof Repairs
  • Gutters & Downspouts
  • Peel & Stick underlayment when specified
  • Code Approved Installations
  • Manufacturer Approved Installations
  • High-Wind Applications When Necessary
  • Cold Process Flat Roof Applications
  • Chimney Caps & Spark Arrestors
  • Roof Inspections
  • Rotten Wood Replacement

Asphalt Roof
An asphalt roof has several advantages as a material that you will not find in other materials. There is a reason why it is one of the most popular kinds of roofs throughout the entire nation. If you already have this kind of roof, or you are interested in getting one, we are happy to put our expertise to work on your roof. Read More

Attic Insulation
Attic insulation makes an enormous difference in the smooth functioning of your residential or commercial property and, more to the point, saves you money on your bottom line month after month, year after year. In Florida we all spend a significant percentage of our utility cost on cooling our home, but to heat our home during our chilly winter costs more per hour than cooling our homes during summer. Read More

Emergency Roof Repair
You need emergency roof repair on the scene fast, on your roof covering the damage quickly, and on top of the process of dealing with your insurance company. This is our commitment, whether your emergency is wind damage, leaks, hail damage, or fire aftermath. Read More

Metal Roofing
Metal roofing can last as long as 50 years; it is among the longest lasting materials available for your home. “The new metal” is engineered to reflect away the heat of the sun, making it remarkably energy efficient. Your roof can be steel, aluminum, or copper. You have a choice of so many beautiful “looks” that your neighbors will do a double take when you tell them it’s metal! Read More

Rain Gutters
Rain gutters play an integral role in protecting your home in numerous ways. With more than 12 years experience in the Northeast Florida area, we can install rain gutters that will be aesthetically pleasing and help divert water away from your home. Read More

Roof Contractors
Roof contractors – we simply ask you to first of all be honest and think about what is the first thing that comes to mind when you think of them. Perhaps the first thought involves fear, because if you need a contractor for your home or business that means something is usually wrong with your home or business. The second wave of feeling may be anxiety, because the solution involves relying upon a group of people you know very little about. Let’s face it; most of us know that there are some contractors out there looking only to make a quick and easy buck. But we are not like that, and we want you to know why. Read More

Roof Cost
Roof cost is the beginning of a wide array of questions you may have in considering the overall well-being of your home. One consideration you may have could be: what do I really want with my roof? A large percentage of homeowners are going for a specific aesthetic with their rooftop. After all, the look of a roof has that icing-on-the-cake accent, setting the tone for the rest of your home. However, in these tough economic times, many homeowners take a more pragmatic, cost-effective stance where the more apt question is not a matter of want so much as a question of need. Read More

Roof Inspection
Roof inspection is essential hurricane season preparation on our vulnerable First Coast. Our seasoned inspectors will spot undiscovered leaks, potential problem areas, and any other threats to the integrity of your protection in a storm. Most consumer experts advise homeowners to schedule a roof assessment annually. Some homeowners find it a good idea to schedule it once before hurricane season, and once after. Read More

Roof Leak Repair
Roof leak repair will prevent expensive water damage to your home. While leaks are not inevitable, they are not unusual, either. It’s vital to spot leaks early. Once you see the signs of a leak, or if you suspect a problem, you should call us promptly. Consumer experts agree: the cost of fixing the interior damage is far more that the cost of restoring the protection of your roof. Read More

Roof Shingles
Roof shingles are usually made out of wood or asphalt. When you need new shingles on your Northeast Florida roof, we can make sure they are applied properly. Read More

Roof Vents
Roof vents are an essential yet often underappreciated aspect to the operations of one’s roof. It is one of the main reasons why we often refer to your overhead structure as a roofing “system,” because there are many parts that make it work the way it should. This function is often the most active feature to your roof and is made of different material from the rest of your home, and we are the professionals to properly take care of this vital performance. Read More

Roofing Contractor
You’ve found a roofing contractor with a track record of integrity and superior workmanship; with exceptional standards for material quality and reasonable prices. Look no further for the local business you can trust to fix your roof, install a new one, or provide rapid response emergency roof repair. Call immediately if you need emergency repairs for leaks, storm damage or fire aftermath. Ask about emergency tarp installation following severe damage. Read More

Roofing Estimate
A roofing estimate features a delicate confluence of a few different factors. An estimate from a contractor who proposes to fix your problem has a nasty reputation for exaggeration or worse, complete fabrication. However, if there is a problem with your roof, or you need a whole new one, what can you do? What is needed is a healthy dose of trust; we are the good guys who have developed a substantial word-of-mouth clientele because we have earned the trust of our communities during several years of service. Read More

We offer our roofing services in Jacksonville, Orange Park, St Augustine, Starke, Gainesville, Middleburg, Green Cove Springs, Jacksonville Beach, Neptune Beach and Ponte Vedra Beach, FL.