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Emergency Roof Repair

You need emergency roof repair on the scene fast, on your roof covering the damage quickly, and on top of the process of dealing with your insurance company. This is our commitment, whether your emergency is wind damage, leaks, hail damage, or fire aftermath.

For emergency roof repair on the First Coast
Call 904-375-0798 immediately.
Your initial consultation and estimate are always free

Steps for dealing with a roof emergency

Ask us to arrange a tarp over your roof to lessen interior damage

  • Large, 20-foor square tarps go over damaged areas to halt leaks and further damage. Each tarp will be firmly nailed to the remaining shingles or roof framing.
  • Some insurance companies require pre-authorization.

Rapid response to repairs

We understand getting the tarp off, and a new protective roof or water tight repair finished is priority one. The experience and skill of our installers ensures the work is completed efficiently. Plus, it’s done right the first time so there are no delays for “fixes”.

Your initial consultation and estimate cost nothing. Factors affecting the emergency roof repair cost include:

  1. How many shingles or tiles will have to be taken off ?
  2. What condition is the decking underneath? Might it need to be replaced ? In cases of fire it’s almost assured.
  3. Is there any damage to the decking that will need repair ?
  4. Do you need insulation replaced ?
  5. Is there wet wood framing ?
  6. Is there damage around chimneys, turbines, vents, skylights, or other structures ? (Most often caused when the sheet metal flashing is compromised and must be replaced as part of emergency roof repair).
  7. How large is the roof being replaced or the area being repaired ? Exact measurements will be calculated.

Insurance and reimbursement

You and your claims adjuster require a detailed estimate in a timely manner. When the work is completed to your satisfaction, we provide the documentation of the emergency roof repair you required. This is when your insurer will issue the final check. More often than not, you have a new roof and may pay only your deductible.

Call immediately for emergency roof repair in any of the cities listed below
Call 904-375-0798 for a free consultation and estimate

Things you can do until we get there

  • Protect the interior of your home. Move appliances, furniture, and anything else that might be damaged by water. Bear in mind, it may be hail damage now but once it rains, it becomes water damage, too. Catch the dripping water in a bucket, or empty garbage can if it’s a heavy flow.
  • If you have any kind of plastic sheeting, use it inside your home prior to the start of emergency roof repair. Don’t attempt to cover any openings yourself on the outside of the roof, but nailing it up from the inside may provide some relief.
  • Do not climb on the roof to check the extent of damage or the source of a leak. Please leave on-roof inspection to our professionals. Through binoculars, look for holes, missing shingles, dented metal vents, indentations, or other obvious signs of damage. Look underneath the roof sheathing for water stains.


When we replace your entire roof, you may qualify for extended manufacturer warranty. We are a preferred contractor for the manufacturer Owens Corning. This means our installation meets the standards they uphold for their products. This backs up the confidence you can have in the workmanship of our installers, even when the job requires rapid emergency roof repair.

We provide emergency roof repair in Jacksonville, Orange Park, Middleburg, Green Cove Springs, Jacksonville Beach, Neptune Beach, The Villages, Ponte Vedra Beach and St Augustine FL.