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Roofing Contractor

You’ve found a roofing contractor with a track record of integrity and superior workmanship; with exceptional standards for material quality and reasonable prices. Look no further for the local business you can trust to fix your roof, install a new one, or provide rapid response emergency roof repair. Call immediately if you need emergency repairs for leaks, storm damage or fire aftermath. Ask about emergency tarp installation following severe damage.

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We are your roofing contractor dedicated to serving Jacksonville and the First Coast

Our “three Rs” of service: Repair, Re-roof and Regular Inspections

Repair from a roofing contractor with local expertise

To effectively fix a roof in our area, we know what the local climate and conditions do to roofing materials here. We know what supplies to avoid, and which installation techniques stand up to the temperature extremes and severe weather around here. It’s important that we provide you with recommendations for manufacturer products designed for humid southern states. Let us prove how our knowledge of the lay of the land improves the efficiency of your roof repair. Call for an inspection and free estimate for repairing:

  • Leaky roofs
  • Water damage
  • Fire damage
  • Hail damage
  • Wind damage

Re-roof your home using a trusted local roofing contractor

Your aging roof will need replacement eventually. A severely damaged roof might cost more to fix than a re-roof.

Let us show you how roof replacement can be an exciting choice rather than a stressful necessity. You have the option of excellent, next-generation roofing materials that will actually save you money.

Another good reason to upgrade your roof is energy savings. It’s possible to cut air conditioning costs in half by replacing your current roof with new energy-efficient materials. When you see immediate utility savings, the roof begins to pay for itself.

We are your roofing contractor with the knowledge to recommend and the skill to install most roofing materials:

  • Tile is a popular Spanish-inspired choice
  • Shingles are the most popular material
  • Slate is distinctive and elegant
  • Clay tile is also excellent for residences
  • Cool roofing is worth a look for saving energy
  • Concrete tile is versatile
  • Wood shingle beautifies homes

Your estimate is free, no matter the reason for your re-roof

You don’t need damage to know it’s time to call in a roofing contractor
When was your home built? The average life of roofs, until recently, topped out at 15-20 years. When you do the math, it is often time to consider preventative roof replacement. A second factor is the workmanship in communities that went up rapidly. Not every builder invested in first-rate roofing materials or installation. A bum roof from the local building boom is not unusual.

The first choice, First Coast roofing contractor
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Regular inspection

  • Our expertise as a local roofing contractor will tell you if your roof is getting near the end of its lifetime, allowing you to head off damage.
  • Regular inspection gives you documentation to provide your insurance company in the event of damage. You can prove the previous condition of your roof. You can readily establish that damage was not present before the storm.
  • Having your roof inspected annually – perhaps before each hurricane season, enables us to find and fix damage before it becomes a more costly leak.

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