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Because KayCo Roofing team members often answer customers frequently asked questions. We decided to compile a list of the most frequently asked questions to help our customers with the roofing process. If you have further questions, please feel free to call us for more information. One of our roofing specialists will be glad to answer your questions.

What to Look for in a Roofing Inspection:2021-04-15T16:13:49-04:00

Top ten things a roof inspector is looking for:

  1. Water damage inside or out
  2. Flashing damage or missing flashing
  3. Loose shingles
  4. Missing shingles
  5. Curling shingles
  6. Rotting shingles or sub roofing
  7. Blisters
  8. Algae
  9. Buckling
  10. Moisture in the attic
Warranties (Emergency Repair Services)2021-04-15T16:08:49-04:00

When we replace your entire roof, you may qualify for extended manufacturer warranty. We are a preferred contractor for the manufacturer Owens Corning. This means our installation meets the standards they uphold for their products. This backs up the confidence you can have in the workmanship of our installers, even when the job requires rapid emergency roof repair.

What you can do until we arrive (Emergency Repair Services)2021-04-15T16:06:40-04:00
  • Protect the interior of your home. Move appliances, furniture, and anything else that might be damaged by water. Bear in mind, it may be hail damage now but once it rains, it becomes water damage, too. Catch the dripping water in a bucket, or empty garbage can if it’s a heavy flow.
  • If you have any kind of plastic sheeting, use it inside your home prior to the start of emergency roof repair. Don’t attempt to cover any openings yourself on the outside of the roof, but nailing it up from the inside may provide some relief.
  • Do not climb on the roof to check the extent of damage or the source of a leak. Please leave the on-roof inspection to our professionals. Through binoculars, look for holes, missing shingles, dented metal vents, indentations, or other obvious signs of damage. Look underneath the roof sheathing for water stains.
Insurance and reimbursement2019-06-12T17:48:04-04:00

You and your claims adjuster require a detailed estimate promptly. When the work we provide the documentation of the emergency roof repair you required. At this point is when your insurer will issue the final check. More often than not, you have a new roof and may pay only your deductible.

How does a roof inspection work?2019-06-12T17:58:08-04:00
  • Our skilled inspector will, of, course, go on the roof. They will expertly examine the integrity of the roofing material and eliminate the list of warning signs.
  • The inspector will also have a good look at gutters and downspouts, which are an essential line of protection for your roof.
  • Next, the inspector goes into the attic or inspects the crawl space. The inspector examines the area to uncover existing water damage or moisture in the attic. Bear in mind, insulation or items stored in the attic may be acting as a sponge, holding in water that’s leaking. Eventually, items or insulation overflows and then damage occurs to the ceilings and wood supports, which become an expensive repair.
Are your quotes no obligation?2021-05-04T16:43:10-04:00

When it comes to our work, materials and customer service, you can be sure that KayCo Roofing makes absolutely no shortcuts. For one, we make no illusions that businesses get away with less than great service in the end. A price is paid for that at some point. Second, we are connected to our communities in Orange Park and Gainesville, Florida. We rely on other contract services, and so do our friends, families, and neighbors. We put ourselves in your shoes when we have the privilege of assessing your roof for a roofing estimate.

When we say we provide a free roofing estimate, it is not just some over the phone, ballpark figure. No, we take the time to provide the best estimate.  Our office team reaches out to schedule an appointment with you and a roofing specialist to provide a comprehensive estimate.  After taking your home’s measurements, you will receive a complete estimate. However, we know that just because we give you a complete consultation, it does not mean you have signed off yet on any work. It is just our way of letting you know that we candidly and happily come to that crucial intersection that is a necessary component for contract work, and it is called trust.

Are you fully insured?2019-04-20T16:51:50-04:00

It’s important to always hire licensed professionals. Kayco Roofing is licensed by the State of Florida and is recognized as an accredited business with the Better Business Bureau (BBB). We are proud to share our credentials. 

Our state of Florida roofing license is available to be seen here

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