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Customers share about their roofing experience with our in-house claims adjuster!

Thank you to KayCo Roofing for all of your help with my insurance claim. Their Public Adjuster Doug Wheeler (and the whole KayCo team for that matter) was amazing from start to finish! My situation wasn’t the easiest, Doug and the rest of the KayCo team stepped up and finish the job in record time; amazingly. They are very professional and meticulous with every detail… I am impressed. I recommend Doug Wheeler, who handled my claim, my results were excellent! I am very pleased with the process and the results; a job well done!

Scott K.

Commonly Asked Questions by Homeowners:
Filing a Homeowner’s Claim for Storm Damage.

What is a Public Adjuster (PA)?
A PA is someone who is licensed by the State to advocate for the insured on a property claim. In the State of Florida, only three people have the ability to argue and/or negotiate with an Insurance company legally.
•  The Policyholder
•  A Public Adjuster
•  An Attorney
What does this mean for you?
Kayco Roofing offers an on-staff Public Adjuster to help customers. While some contractors say they can handle your insurance claim, the difference of having a PA on staff is that if your claim is wrongfully denied or underpaid, our PA has the ability to fight for you and get you paid the money you are owed. Other contractors when your claim is denied, can either leave you hanging, or refer you to an attorney.
How long does the Insurance claim process take?
It depends on your insurance company and the adjusters handling your claim. By law, the insurance company has 90 days; make a coverage decision on your claim. In other words, to decide if they think they owe for it or not. Most do not take that long, but they do have the ability.  After they agree they owe you for a loss, they have 20 days to issue payment for any non-disputed amounts.
Do I have to pay you my deductible?
Deductible, by definition, is the amount of money your insurance company will “deduct” from your payment. There is no law that says you have to pay that amount to anyone. If any contractor says you are required by law to pay them your deducible, ask them for the law or Florida State Statute that says that, because there isn’t one.

Let Our In-House Public Adjuster Help With Your Insurance Claim

Filing an insurance claim can be confusing. The team at KayCo Roofing is very familiar with the insurance claim process, and we can help you understand the insurance claim process. KayCo Roofing has an
on-staff public adjuster, and we are here to help you with your homeowners claim, every step of the way.

Below is an outline of how a typical insurance claim is filed:

Homeowners Insurance Claim Process:
What to expect when working with an in-house public claims adjuster and why it matters. 

Step 1: Inspection – If you are sure you have damage to your home’s roof, schedule a roofing inspection with KayCo Roofing. One of our roofing specialists will perform a roofing inspection and provide detailed information on your roof’s health. 

Step 2: Filing an Insurance claim – After verifying that your home has significant enough storm-related damage, KayCo Roofing’s in-house public adjuster will file your insurance claim for you. 

Why is this important? Because our in-house public adjuster makes sure that all of the information provided in the claim is correct with no misinformation. 

In most cases, filing an insurance claim takes roughly 5-10 minutes to complete. 

 Step 3: Adjustment – Once your homeowner’s claim has been filed; an insurance adjuster is assigned to your claim.
The insurance adjuster has to give you up to 48 hours before the inspection of your claim. The insurance adjuster cannot just show up whenever they want. Upon making your appointment, make sure to contact KayCo Roofing public adjuster with the date and time of the adjustment. The insurance adjuster is a representative of the insurance company and will naturally tend to have the insurance company’s’ best interest in mind. Our public adjuster is also present for your inspection.

It is essential to have your representation present during the adjustment process. KayCo Roofing’s trained project managers ensure the repairs identified by your insurer comply with plans, specifications, codes, laws, rules, regulations, and roofing industry standards for professional construction and repair.
The insurance adjuster and the KayCo’s public adjuster will inspect the entire perimeter of your property as well as examine the roof and any interior damage.
This process takes an average of one hour to complete.

Step 4: Paperwork (Scope of work) – Upon approval, the adjuster will create a scope of work for KayCo Roofing to use as the initial estimate to get the work started.


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“Great experience from Kayco. Our PA Doug Wheeler was punctual, professional and all around great at his job. I plan to refer this to friends, and will use Kayco in the future for any roofing needs. 5 stars”

Tony Z.


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