If you have a home and roof replacement is what you are considering, do not wait until the high winds and heavy rains of summer are pummeling your home. Call us today and we will inspect your system and provide a free estimate to repair or replace it. Protect your biggest investment and get your roof checked today.

Roof Replacement should be performed during the drier winter months before severe thunderstorms and possible tropical systems affect the region. Aside from the threat of your old surface leaking, removing and old installation during the wet season poses challenges and can greatly lengthen the time of the project making it more costly. If your installation is more than ten years old, you would be wise to let us perform a complete inspection to determine the condition of your shingles, underlayment, and decking. We will also check your gutters to be sure they are adequate for your home and free and clear of any debris. We can also inspect your attic ventilation. Improper ventilation can cause a buildup of heat and humidity in the summer and moisture in the winter that can greatly reduce the life of your shingles.

Roof replacement in near you may be needed now because the old installation has reached its final days. We will provide a free estimate after fully discussing with you all the options regarding products that are available. We will make recommendations regarding material, style, color, warranties and energy efficiency. We offer shingles in asphalt, metal, and ceramic tile.

Looking for local roof replacement? Let us make a recommendation and then help you decide which type of surface is best for your home. We recommend only those which blend with the environment, match the architectural style and color of your house, fit into your budget, and offer the best protection against Florida’s heat, rain, and wind.

Our replacement procedure generally includes:

  • Tearing off the old roof –This is always a good idea, although not always required according to code. When we perform this job we cover all shrubs, beds, steps, walks, awnings, fixtures and anything else that could be damaged by falling debris.
  • Removing gutters and downspouts if necessary – A new system does not always require new gutters but if the old ones leak or are inadequate, retaining them would defeat the purpose of a new shingle system.
  • Inspection of the decking – We will inspect all of the wood before installing the underlayment to be certain there is no decay, infestation, old leaks, popped-up nails or weak spots.
  • Installing the underlayment – We apply a moisture barrier between the shingles and the decking as a second defense against water.
  • Installing the shingles – We use installation methods that are a little more arduous but will guarantee the life of the roof beyond the warranty and withstand the severest weather.
  • Complete and thorough clean up – When we leave, not only will your home be beautiful but the area will be left better than when we arrived.

When it comes to roof replacement, our roof replacement team guarantees your total satisfaction. We are a locally established company, in business for 12 years, and will be here to stand behind our work. We perform all work ourselves and never subcontract it to anyone else – a common practice in the industry – to assure accountability and peace of mind. We can also provide as many local references as you require as witnesses to our commitment to quality.

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We proudly provide roofing services throughout Jacksonville, Jacksonville Beach, Neptune Beach, Ponte Vedra Beach, Orange Park, Fleming Island, St Augustine, Green Cove Springs, Middleburg, Starke and Gainesville, FL.