Roof restoration is not something home or business owners should take lightly; it is an important decision that once made, you can comfortably feel good about making. If in the same line of thought you are thinking about your property and the term restoration comes into mind while thinking about your roof, then chances are pretty good that it is time to make this necessary investment on your property.

We do all manner of roof restoration to meet the many goals of Jacksonville residents and the neighbors in our surrounding communities. For the commercial property that will inevitably need an upgrade for their flat roof, we have all the latest materials and technical expertise you would want for the job. Flat or gently sloped roofs are typical of business properties. A straight line is the fastest way from one point to another, and that is why the flat roof design is so desirable. However, gravity plays a stressful role on the flat design, from a greater area from which to pull to the way rain and hail pummels the surface; flat roofs need durable yet effective installation of quality material. Our material can save your business money in a roof restoration, and you can rest assured that our skill is second to none in our northeastern Florida coverage area. We have several years of experience in maximizing our neighbors’ rooftops in their battle against the fierce southern sun and our determined thunder-boomers during the tropical season. There is a saying when it comes to Florida’s storms: when it rains, it means it. The same goes for our work. When we go to bat for effectively weatherproofing your roof, we mean it to last many, many years without a hitch.

Why we are the right guys for your roof restoration

  • Expert troubleshooters: Any layperson may look at the prominent features of your rooftop and have the ability to point out the obvious: nail pops (raised heads) rusted or otherwise badly-aged flashing, curling shingles and the variable debris you may expect to see. But what about the long-term consequences to your current roof system? What are the major repairs five years down the road that less experienced or less trained roofers will miss? Another way of putting it is this: what’s the point of getting roof restoration when a latent flaw in your roof is totally ignored? When you sign up for our services, you can rest easy in knowing you are getting comprehensive service.
  • Experience and integrity: We are the preferred contractors for several top of the line, industry leading, manufacturers who want to be associated only with the best construction companies in any given area. Because we are Jacksonville’s chosen roofers for Owens Corning, the largest and best producer of materials in our industry, among others we are honored to be among the best. We have the best materials, and that is just one more reason why we excel in your roof restoration. Also, we go out of our way to encourage you to seek out the credentials for all of your home’s contractors. We are proud members of the Better Business Bureau, the top watchdog for all businesses in North America. We have a spotless record with exceedingly high word-of-mouth business. We look forward to helping you realize your dreams.