The Most Common Causes Of Leaks
January 19, 2023

The Most Common Causes Of Leaks

Leaks are one of the most common and worst nightmares when it comes to roofing problems. Not only can they be difficult to detect and fix, but the water damage caused by a leak can be extensive. Damages include rotting wood, electric wiring, and insulation damage, which pose a health and safety risk to you and your loved ones.


If you’re a homeowner facing the sudden surprise of a leaky roof, or you’re in the process of turning your house into your dream home and want to be able to take preventative measures against any potential roof issues, this blog post is for you! 


We’ll uncover some of the most common causes behind roof leaks, so you can be aware of them and take the necessary actions. Check this out!

7 Reasons Why Leaks Appear In Your Roof

1. Damaged Membranes Of Underlays

Roof underlays are designed to repel moisture; however, an excess can cause them to tear and rot, leading to potentially severe damage if not addressed quickly. Investing in a comprehensive drainage system now will help keep dampness away for good.

2. Fixings Poorly Installed 

Secure all your nails and fixings into the rafters to avoid future roof leaks. If a nail protrudes into the space beneath, you’re at risk of water seeping in- especially if your loft has poor ventilation or insulation. Pry up any errant fixing and seal the hole left behind to avoid future issues. 

3. Damaged Or Missing Tiles

Without protection from roof tile, water could compromise your roof’s integrity and damage the entire structure through damp condensation rot. Regularly check the rooftop surfaces for chipped pieces or slipped tiles to ensure a safe space.

4. Age 

While most tiles are designed to last many decades, regular wear and tear can take its toll over time. Removing moss growths or debris that may have accumulated in the gutters is essential to ensure continued safety. However, your roof will eventually reach end-of-life due to adverse weather conditions.  

5. Wrong Materials Were Used In The Roof’s Pitch

The installation of tiles, slates, or sheets will differ depending on their road’s pitch. A double-layer of underlay provides greater waterproof protection for roofs with a shallow pitch while leaving less gap between each tile. Extra fixings are recommended to ensure windy weather doesn’t cause expensive leaks.

6. Poorly Installed Flashings 

Lead flashings protect by sealing weak points in a strong, waterproof barrier; however, wear-and-tear or exposure to changing temperatures can cause damage over time. It’s key to ensure all lead flashing around areas such as skylights, chimneys, or where two sections of roof meet are regularly maintained. This will help prevent further damage while also avoiding impacts on surrounding structures. 

7. Condensation In Your Loft Space

Homeowners must be aware of the risk of condensation in their loft space. Since air rises, it’s directly exposed to outdoor temperatures. It can easily lead to water damage when warm air meets cold surfaces. Homeowners should watch for signs like roof leaks or musty odors from the damp timbers due to rot. To combat condensation in your loft and protect your roof’s structural integrity, install adequate ventilation to allow warm air and moisture to escape.

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