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Complete Emergency Damage Services

Dealing with a damaged roof is overwhelming, especially in Florida, where weather conditions and hurricane season can strain even the sturdiest of roofs. After a hurricane has hit the city, it’s very common to see ruined shingles on people’s roofs and even worse scenarios where full roofs are lifted and destroyed!

 That’s where KayCo Roofing comes in. Our family has been in the roofing business for over 10 years. We offer shingle replacements, storm restoration services, and also full roof replacements, among other services.

Our Storm Restoration Services

As storm restoration specialists, we have the experience to handle any roofing emergency. But it’s not just our skills that make us stand out. 

 Here are a few reasons why you should hire KayCo Roofing:




We’re committed to always providing our best work and getting the job done right, so you can trust us with your roofing needs. Plus, with our competitive pricing and satisfaction guarantee, you can count on us to exceed your expectations.


Proven Results


We’re the best emergency roofers in the area and have customer satisfaction to back us up. After more than a decade working in the roofing field, we know all the do’s and don’ts; plus, our team of professionals is aware of the safety codes and state laws that must be followed.




At KayCo Roofing, we pride ourselves on always learning and updating our skills with the latest technological advancements. This means you can trust us to provide great service whenever needed.

    Emergency Roofers In Gainesville, FL


    Once a hurricane has hit the city and affected your home’s condition, the first thing you must do right after making sure your family is ok is to restore your roof. By returning your roof to good condition, you’re protecting your family and, of course, your belongings from the elements. 

     You can trust KayCo Roofing to handle any roofing emergency quickly and effectively, we’re one of the best roofing companies in Gainesville, FL. You can stop searching for the best roofing company!

    And with 24/7 availability, we’re always ready to help. Kayco Roofing has two locations in Florida, in Gainesville and Orange Park. When it comes to emergency roof repair, don’t hesitate to call the experts at Kayco Roofing. Give us a call!

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