Mistakes You Should Avoid After A Hurricane
September 21, 2023

Mistakes You Should Avoid After A Hurricane

Living in an area prone to hurricanes can be quite an unsettling experience. As hurricane season approaches, preparing wisely and avoiding common, yet potentially deadly, mistakes is essential. 


This blog post will review these mistakes and offer guidance to help Gainesville, FL, residents protect their homes and loved ones.

Mistakes People Make When A Hurricane Strikes 

Some of the most common mistakes when a hurricane hits include the following:

1. Underestimating The Storm’s Impact

One of the greatest mistakes you can make is underestimating a hurricane’s power and destruction potential. Hurricanes can bring fierce winds and devastating storms. You should be ready for everything and have a trusted roof repair service in Gainesville, FL. Most companies give you free roofing estimates. 

2. Not Evacuating Or Waiting Too Long

Some people hesitate to evacuate, thinking they can ride out the storm at home. Waiting too long to evacuate, however, can be a deadly error. If local authorities issue evacuation orders, following them promptly is essential. Your safety is important. Evacuation may be your best option to avoid dangerous situations.

3. Not Including Pets In Disaster Planning

Your furry friends are part of the family, and their safety matters, too. Failing to include pets in your disaster planning can lead to dire consequences. Ensure you have a pet emergency kit with food, water, medications, and a secure crate. 

4. Going Outdoors During the Hurricane

Venturing outdoors during a hurricane is highly hazardous. Flying debris, strong winds, and heavy rain pose significant risks. Even a short trip outside can result in injuries or worse. Stay indoors and secure your property until it’s safe to venture out.

5. Seeking Shelter In Vulnerable Rooms

Avoid vulnerable rooms like those with large windows or low-lying areas when seeking shelter in your home. These areas are more susceptible to damage from high winds and flooding. Create a safe space in the most secure part of your home, away from windows and exterior walls.

Your Home’s Roof After A Hurricane With Kayco Roofing! 

With hurricane season upon us, knowing what to do in severe weather is essential. As a Florida resident, your goal is to limit damage to your property and stay safe. It might be stressful for you to consider the possibility of roof damage after a storm.


At Kayco Roofing, we understand that hurricane season can be stressful, especially when protecting your home. That’s why we offer comprehensive roof repair services in Gainesville, FL, designed to help you protect your most valuable asset. Remember, you shouldn’t have to face the aftermath of a storm alone. Kayco Roofing is your type of roofing! Get your free roofing estimate with us! 


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