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Roof maintenance in Orange Park, Middleburg, Green Cove Springs, Keystone Heights, Starke, Lawtey, Lake Butler, Raiford, Gainesville, Waldo, High Springs, Newberry, Hampton, Williston, Lacrosse, Interlachen, Palatka, Jacksonville, Jacksonville Beach, Ponte Vedra, St. Augustine, St. Augustine Beach, Crescent Beach, and Palm Coast.

Roof maintenance is an aspect of property ownership that is like more proactive insurance. With insurance folks pay hundreds if not thousands of dollars every year in case something bad happens. Luckily, bad things do not often happen to individuals on a regular basis. In fact, many people never need to call upon the insurance they pay for. What is so great about maintenance is our team of skilled technicians carefully inspects your roof and either fully prevents or quickly fixes problems before they become bigger.

When you have a team of skilled technicians regularly checking up on your home’s roof maintenance, you ensure a healthy existence for your roof and your entire home in general. Think about it, your roof is the primary measure protecting you from the outdoors; if that is compromised, your entire home is as well. Sometimes, common expressions are in place for a very good reason, and the phrase “a roof over our heads” is one to communicate gratitude for having the basics covered in life. As one of the fundamental structures in your entire life – your roof at home or at your business – regular maintenance of your roof is a very smart measure.

Is Your Rooftop Aging?

If it’s been a few years since your last inspection, you may need home roofing repair. Years of ultraviolet light from our strong sunlight can cause materials to deteriorate. If that happens, rainwater can get in more easily during a storm. If you have a metal surface, the most common problem is loosening of the screws that hold the panels together. They can allow wind to lift the panels up and expose the underlayment to rain.

What We Can Do

There are many ways to fix a rooftop. Shingles or tiles can be replaced if the damage is isolated. We can reseal flashings around the edges, chimney and other intrusions to make them moisture-tight. We will also look in the attic for signs of dampness. And a telltale indication of damage is rusted nails, stained insulation or dark spots on the wood. A proper roofing repair could prevent future damage from occurring. If your gutters are filled to capacity, we can clean them and make sure they are securely fastened to the eaves.


Keeping air moving is important to keeping dampness in check. We can examine your attic’s ventilation system and upgrade it if needed as part of our roofing repair. The relationship of proper ventilation to a healthy roof can’t be overstated in our area’s humid conditions.

Just a few reasons to receive roof maintenance from our team of careful technicians:

  • Experience: With more than a dozen years of experience working on and studying the rooftops of Jacksonville and surrounding neighborhoods, we have a clear idea of what to look for and what the warning signs usually are. Additionally, permit acquisition is something we enact with tremendous efficiency. We have been going through the local system, so we know how to talk to right away. Our roof maintenance is to your clear advantage.
  • Familiarity: In situations of emergency, the more familiar we are with your roof the more easily we have access to your information and your roof’s characteristics. In the event of any potential roof leak or other damage caused by a community-wide wind event such as a hurricane or tropical storm, we can more easily access your roof and take care of whatever may be wrong, as soon as possible.
  • Preferred contractor: We are the leading roofers in Jacksonville’s communities and favored craftsmen among industry trailblazers with the largest and best manufacturers, including Owens Corning. Our roof maintenance excels far beyond any competition.
  • Better Business Bureau members: Always, always, always check up on a contractor’s licensing and certification. If they are wary of procuring necessary documents, this is a very bad sign. We are happy to prove our credentials as we are members of the Better Business Bureau, a nearly century-old not-for-profit organization offering a way for consumers to cross check references. If you want a business you can trust, check it out with the BBB.

Roof maintenance is an option that you will be glad to have chosen a year or two down the road. If you have overhanging trees or you otherwise manage to experience debris on your roof, we will get that taken care of along with clearing out your gutters. Clogged gutters are a common problem that can be easily handled. Backed up rooftop drainage creates pooling, which allows rainwater to creep into any crevices of your roof. Repairs to flashing, gutter clearing, nail pops and much more are just a few minor practices we use for your safeguarding.

Roof Restoration

Roof restoration is not something home or business owners should take lightly; it is an important decision that once made, you can comfortably feel good about making. If in the same line of thought you are thinking about your property and the term restoration comes into mind while thinking about your roof, then chances are pretty good that it is time to make this necessary investment on your property.

We do all manner of roof restoration to meet the many goals of Jacksonville residents and the neighbors in our surrounding communities. For the commercial property that will inevitably need an upgrade for their flat roof, we have all the latest materials and technical expertise you would want for the job. Flat or gently sloped roofs are typical of business properties. A straight line is the fastest way from one point to another, and that is why the flat roof design is so desirable. However, gravity plays a stressful role on the flat design, from a greater area from which to pull to the way rain and hail pummels the surface; flat roofs need durable yet effective installation of quality material. Our material can save your business money in roof restoration, and you can rest assured that our skill is second to none in our northeastern Florida coverage area. We have several years of experience in maximizing our neighbors’ rooftops in their battle against the fierce southern sun and our determined thunder-boomers during the tropical season. There is a saying when it comes to Florida’s storms: when it rains, it means it. The same goes for our work. When we go to bat for effectively weatherproofing your roof, we mean it to last many, many years without a hitch.


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