Roofing Claims Specialists In Gainesville & Orange Park, FL

Roofing Claims Specialists

Roofing claims are requests for reimbursement to insurance companies for roof damage originated by a covered event, such as fire, water, or storm damage. When you file a roof claim, you must ensure the roofing company you work with has experience handling them and will do so quickly and efficiently.

KayCo Roofing is a reliable company that counts on professionals who know the best way to handle insurance claims. You can rest assured that we will work with you and the insurance company to ensure your claim is handled correctly.

We’re The Roofing Claims Experts

At KayCo Roofing, our highly-trained contractors have vast experience handling insurance roofing claims. We’re the only roofing company in the area that hires public adjusters; if your claim is wrongfully denied or underpaid, we will fight for you and get you paid the money you’re owed.


How Our Process Works


Our company provides a step-by-step residential roofing process to ensure your claim is handled correctly.


  1. Inspection: Schedule a roof inspection if your house’s roof is damaged. One of our roofing experts will carry out a comprehensive roof inspection and provide thorough information on your home’s roof condition.
  2. Filing the insurance claim: Our in-house public adjuster will file your claim after confirming that your roof has significant damage.
  3. Adjustment: The insurance adjuster is assigned to your claim once your homeowner has filed it. You are entitled to up to 48 hours notice before the inspection begins.
  4. Paperwork (scope of work): The adjuster provides a scope of work to use as the first estimate for the roof repair company to begin working on your roof.

KayCo Roofing To The Rescue


We understand how aggravating, lengthy, and laborious dealing with insurance companies can be. You may feel  like you’re fighting to get what’s rightfully yours. At KayCo Roofing, we’ll do everything possible to make the process as simple and stress-free as possible for you.

If you’re looking for roofers, we provide a wide range of services, including residential roofing, roofing repairs, etc. Contact KayCo Roofing to get help with your roof insurance claim! 

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