Roofing Estimates In Florida: What To Look For
January 3, 2023
Roofing Estimates In Florida: What To Look For

Have you ever wondered what qualities to seek when hiring a roofing company in Florida? Before signing any agreement, you must understand what goes into a roofing estimate and know what services the contractor will be providing for a roof repair.


Although many roofing companies in Orange Park, FL, pride themselves on being transparent with customers, some don’t. So, if you want to be sure you’re getting a reliable roofing repair estimate from a reputable company, keep reading.


What Is A Roofing Estimate & What Does It Include?


While an estimate from a roofing contractor can give you an idea of the service, it doesn’t provide the whole picture. A roofing estimate should include the following:


  • a list of materials the contractor expects to use
  • timelines for project completion and clean up
  • an explanation of the contractor’s responsibilities
  • what’s covered in the contractor’s installation warranty
  • finally, clarifications on details and costs of any potential add-ons


Each Part Of A Roofing Estimate


The Basics: This is where the contractor outlines the scope of work to be done, including any extra services or materials.


A Complete Work Description: This section will describe in detail each part of the process, such as removal and disposal of existing roofing material, deck repairs, installation of underlayment and flashing, shingle installation, and clean up.


Materials Used: This section of the estimate should include a breakdown of roofing materials, such as the type and quantity of shingles or tiles they will use.


Costs and Payment Schedules: This is where you’ll find out how much you will pay for the job. It can also detail the available payment options and any discounts you may qualify for.


Manufacturer and Workmanship Warranties: This section of the estimate should include details of the contractor’s workmanship warranty and a manufacturer’s warranty on materials used.


Insurance and Licenses: In this section, contractors should provide information about the insurance and licenses that are required for the project.


Finding A Reliable Choice: KayCo Roofing Orange Park, FL


At KayCo Roofing in Orange Park, FL, we strive to provide our customers with transparent and accurate estimates to ensure their peace of mind when working with us. Our team understands the importance of a quality roof and works diligently to ensure our customers are happy with their new roofs for years to come. Contact us today and let KayCo Roofing take the worry out of your project.

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