Types Of Metal Roofing
December 6, 2022
Types Of Metal Roofing

Metal roofs are more than just a pretty face; they offer many benefits for your home. Metal is an energy-efficient material with minimal maintenance needs. It can significantly increase the value of any property it’s installed on, while also lasting longer than conventional roofing options like shingle or tile varieties that may need frequent repairs due to weather damage.

There are also different types of metal roofing systems to choose from that can create different looks for your home while providing the same top-quality protection. This blog post will explore two of the most popular metal roofing styles on the market today. Continue reading!

Styles Of Metal Roofing

Exposed Fastener Panels

The exposed fastener panels are a cost-effective, reliable product that can add an interesting aesthetic appeal to any home. Various styles and colors are available for these products, with the patterned screws being painted a similar color as their surface finish—making them less apparent than before when installed.


This type can be installed over solid decking and attached with screws that penetrate through the panel into whatever structure below it may exist. Also, these roofing systems come in long, interlocking panels that can provide increased protection against leaks.

Standing Seam Systems

The standing seam metal roofing system is a versatile product that can be used for both residential and commercial applications. This type of panel utilizes engaged seams, which lock together during installation without any exposed fasteners in the plane, where it will eventually rest on your house or business’s structure; this makes them more cost-effective than other types.

They’re very popular in the metal roofing industry, with many options available. In addition to standing vertically on an existing structure’s pitches and vents, you can also curve them outwards during installation for a perfect fit around corners. Also, this roofing system comes in long, interlocking panels that can provide increased protection against leaks.

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