Dangers Of Missing Shingles
January 19, 2023
Dangers Of Missing Shingles

As a homeowner, one of the most important things you need to be on top of is your roof’s condition. After all, it’s an integral part of keeping your home safe and secure from outside elements such as ice and snow. One issue with roofs that homeowners should be aware of is missing shingles, which usually occurs if a storm hits your roof or a tree falls into it.


Although missing shingles may not seem like a huge issue for many people, it’s something that you need to be aware of. Missing shingles can lead to several different problems. In this blog post, we’ll discuss the dangers of missing shingles and what you can do to prevent them. Keep reading here!

5 Unknown Consequences Of Missing Shingles

1-Deteriorating Structure

Missing shingles can cause significant structural damage, which becomes an expensive hazard, leading to additional repairs in every room of your home. Not only that, but the pooling water around the foundation and jeopardized electrical wiring could spell danger for you and your loved ones. Replacing them is key for protecting your family down the road.

2-Exorbitant Energy Bills

Missing shingles on your roof can lead to increased energy bills as it will cause excess heat in attic spaces. This negatively impacts safety and comfort levels and puts an unnecessary strain on HVAC systems, leading them to work harder than usual and higher electricity costs for homeowners. To avoid this, ensure to replace all damaged shingles immediately.

3-Leaking Issues

Missing or damaged shingles don’t provide enough armor against rainwater. They’ll let it seep through to cause damage inside your property. Sturdy shingles have an added layer that reduces this risk but doesn’t eliminate it. Having all your pieces in place is key for any defense system. Invest in high-quality materials on top of existing waterproof membranes today.

4-Excess Of Unwanted Humidity

It’s essential to replace missing or damaged shingles, so mold doesn’t have time to build up in hidden areas like walls or attics. Not only is mold unsightly, but it can also pose major health risks, including breathing problems. To prevent this potential disaster, reach out for professional help now – otherwise, costly repairs may be necessary.

5-Unwanted Pests

As the temperatures rise, so does your chance of an unwanted bug invasion – and all starts with a missing shingle. A compromised roof can leave gaps for water to seep in, which weakens its structure over time, resulting in pests gaining easy access into your home. Hiring an expert roof is a surefire way to keep those nasty critters at bay.

At Kayco Roofing, We Keep Your Roof In Top Condition All Year!

Now that you’re aware of the hazards of missing shingles, you may be looking for roofing companies. If so, Kayco Roofing in Orange Park, FL, is your perfect choice. We’re a family-owned and operated roofing company with more than 2 decades of experience in the roofing industry. Our roofing experts are licensed and insured, so you can rest assured your roof is in good hands.


We at Kayco Roofing are a full-service roofing company, from installations and inspections to repairs and replacements. We’ve worked on many different types of roofing systems, using the highest-quality products and materials available to ensure your long-term satisfaction. So you can stop searching for roofing companies and work with Kayco Roofing in Orange Park, FL, today!

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